How to make an abalakov hook in 5 easy steps (15mins)

You can build a piece of ice climbing equipment to help you make anchors. Check out this quick Instructables page on the how to.

Keeping Up To Date With Paralympics 2014 in Sochi

So here are some quick ways to see what will be going on in Sochi for the Paralympic Games. We have Twitter handles for many of the athletes, as well as a daily paper generated from their personal and team feeds. Support Team Canada.

Daily News from the World of Paralympics - Here

Para-Alpine Skiing

Para-Nordic Skiing & Biathlon


Sledge Hockey

Wheelchair Curling


Feb 5 Spin Class

So here we go. Tonights Spin Class Workout

1.Warmup: (4 mins, RPE 2-3, Cadence 90-100)

2. Stand Your Ground
Use enough resistance to stand. Lean forward for 20 seconds and lean back fro 20 seconds (5 minutes, RPE 4-5, Cadence 60-80)

3. Prelude to a Pyramid
Add some more resistance and pick up speed. Each minute will be comfortable for 15s, Break each minute up, go faster at each 0 second, 15 second, 30 second marks then recover at 45 second mark. (4 mins, RPE 6-7)

4. Body Break (2 mins, RPE 3-4, Cadence 80-100)

5. Speed Work
Speed intervals 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. (5 minutes, RPE 5, Cadence 110-120)

6. Brain Break  (1 mins, RPE 3-4, Cadence 80-100)

7. Seated Hill Climb.
Long hill climb (3 mins, RPE 5-7, Cadence 60-80)

8. Hill Sprint
Pick up resistance, Standing sprints 15 seconds up, 15 seconds seated. (4 mins, RPE 5-7, Cadence 80-100)

9. Rest Break (2 mins, RPE 3-4, Cadence 80-100)

10. Moderate resistance, seated fast speed tempo ride. (3 mins, RPE 5-7, Cadence 100)

11. Add resistance, stand for hill, moderately fast tempo. (3 mins, RPE 7, Cadence 80-100)

12. The Hill Won't Beat Me
Mamimum resistance while still standing. Beat up those pedals (4 mins, RPE 8-9, Cadence 60-80)

13. Crest The Hill
Lower your resistance and sprint to the end. (2 mins RPE 6-7 Cadence 80-100)

14. Cool-down (3 mins RPE 3-5)